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    ADA Aqua Conditioner Clear Dash (250 ml)

    Rs.1,290.00 Rs.1,195.00 ADA Aqua conditioner CLEAR DASH is a flocculent which immediately eliminates the cloudiness or water-bloom out of the aquarium, which could not be removed through filtration. Minimum influence to aquatic plants. CLEAR DASH works by binding fine suspended particles and detritus into congelated particles which can be easily filtered mechnically. Protein filmfloating on the water surface can also be cleared and removed by CLEAR DASHapplication. One of the advantage of using CLEAR DASH is that it also has the ability to remove organic matters in the water, after its application, the COD index will decrease as a result of the ater being purified.

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    ADA Aqua Conditioners Rio Base 250ML

    Rs.2,100.00 Rs.1,675.00

    click here In the rivers of tropical rainforests, withered plant leaves accumulated in the riverbed emit various kinds of organic substances in its process of biodegradation. These organic matters work as an agent to prevent the harmful effect’ against the fish, and provide nutrients to the water plants by combining with ions within the waters. ADA RIO BASE contains those natural organic substances negating the harm of heavy metal ions contained in the tap water and helps to create idealistic water for the tropical fish aquariums. Protective colloid protects mucous membrane and gills of the fish, while vitamins and organic acid provides Vitality to the fish and makes more resistance against the disease.

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    ADA Chlor-Off 250 ml

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    source url ADA Chlor-Off is a chlorine neutralizer for removing free chlorine in tap water. It makes water change risk-free even during winter when chlorine level contained in the water gets higher.
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    ADA Clean Bottle

    Rs.925.00 Rs.850.00

    canadian generic viagra buy online ADA Clean Bottle is a plastic bottle for soaking small glass items with Superge solution. For easy, convenient, effortless cleaning.

    go to site You can make a proper cleaning solution easily by filling the water up to the level of the bottle shoulder and adding a capful of Superge.

    see The bottle cap prevents the evaporation of the Superge solution, and the glass items can be kept in the solution for a long period.

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    Rs.1,560.00 Rs.1,390.00

    ADA FILTER MEDIA BIO-RIO is the basic of biological filtration. With live bacteria on Bio Rio, Biological filtration starts quickly after the initial setup. Mainly made of pumice stone with a porous surface, which is ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to colonize. It also enables long, stable filtration.

    The nitrifying process of bacteria is the most important phase in Nature Aquarium filtration systems. In this process, toxic ammonia or nitrous acid are decomposed and become harmless. Bio Rio, composed of volcanic stones, provides the ideal home for a long term and stable colonization of bacteria and maintains the conditions of aquarium water.

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    ADA Superge

    Rs.680.00 Rs.600.00

    ADA Superge (To restore the high-clarity of ADA glassware) Detergent solely designed for ADA glassware maintenance. It contains refined sodium chlorate, cleaning and rinsing is easy and quick. Dilute with water for ordinary maintenance. When faster results are desired, put a small amount of undiluted Superge on dirty spots of glassware. (Pay extra attention for rinsing when undiluted liquid is used.).

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    ADA Wood Tight is used to attach plants such as Anubias and fern species (Bolbitis, Microsorium sp.) to driftwood. Wood Tight is also perfect for attachment of Anubias species to small stones that act as an anchor so that these plants may be placed virtually anywhere in the aquascape. The brown color of Wood Tight blends in naturally with the colour of most driftwood and substrate types and is totally safe for long term use in the aquarium.

    Wire designed to temporarily fix ferns such as Microsorum or Bolbitis on driftwood or rocks, until the plant roots takes hold by themselves. In a brown color that matches that of driftwood.

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    Rs.9,500.00 Rs.7,200.00

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    Sunsun Presents new range of Aquarium LED Lights or Planted Tanks and Tropical Tanks.

    These Aquarium LED lights are extremly good for tropical Set up.

    Gives long life and is trouble free.

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    Model: ADS-1050C
    Power: 80W
    Light Dimension: 1065x100x20mm
    Tank Length: 1130-1300mm
    Voltage: 220V/50Hz