Cleaning Aids

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    Exo Terra Terrarium Glass Cleaner Gel (250ml)

    Rs.850.00 Rs.755.00

    The Exo Terra Terrarium Glass Cleaner is an easy to apply gel that was specifically developed to remove calcium and lime stains from terrarium glass. Tap water used for misting is a major source of unsightly hard water stains in terrariums. Stubborn calcium deposits from misting systems like the Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 can be easily removed using the Exo Terra Terrarium Glass Cleaner.

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    Gravel Cleaner Bucket Clip

    Rs.360.00 Rs.270.00

    Marina Bucket clip is a easy to use hose pipe holder over your bucket or water tank. Just fix it over the edge of the bucket/tank and it will hold the pipe for you as long as you want to use it in a fixed place.

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    Marina Flexible Tube Brush and Impeller Brush Set

    Rs.450.00 Rs.380.00

    The Marina Brush Set contains two brushes that are ideal for removing slimy buildup inside most filter impeller wells. Compact in size, the brushes will work on any filter. They are also great for removing algae from a filter’s intake stem.

    The Marina Flexible Tube Brush is ideal for cleaning filter tubes up to 1.6 cm (5/8 in) in diameter and 91.4 cm (36 in) in length.

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    Sunsun Hang on back aquarium filter HBL-403

    Rs.830.00 Rs.630.00
    • Mute Effect – Biochemical filter
    • A perfect cleaning filter pump for your medium or small sized fish tank.
    • SUNSUN Hang On Back Filter | HBL-403
    • Low Noice, No need to add water when restart.
    • Multi filteration, Easy to clean
    • Double adjustment
    • Heavy-duty yet compact external Hang On Back filtration system
    • Delivering powerful mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration,
    • which produces crystal clear water in both fresh and marine aquariums.
    • 400 L/H Output.
    • Power : 5w