Aquarium plantation lighting

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    Rs.9,500.00 Rs.7,200.00


    Sunsun Presents new range of Aquarium LED Lights or Planted Tanks and Tropical Tanks.

    These Aquarium LED lights are extremly good for tropical Set up.

    Gives long life and is trouble free.


    Model: ADS-1050C
    Power: 80W
    Light Dimension: 1065x100x20mm
    Tank Length: 1130-1300mm
    Voltage: 220V/50Hz

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    Aquazonic Super Bright T5 HO lights 54w x 4 tubes 120CM

    Rs.9,000.00 Rs.7,990.00

    Aquazonic Super Bright T5 Lights set with 54w X 4 tube lights is the Hang over set for the best result.
    120 Cm setup best sutaible for 4 feet tank.


    • Reflected arc Interior to reflect better lighting capabilities back into tank.
    • Heat-treated Aluminium Surface to endure again and corrosin.
    • Easy access to light ubes to facilitate easy changing.
    • Suitable for fresh and Marine setups.
    • Bracket stands provided.
    • Maintenance free Superior Design.

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    Aquazonic Super Bright T5 Lights 24 inches

    Rs.5,100.00 Rs.4,150.00

    AQUA ZONIC Super Bright T5 HO Lighting has high Output T5 reflectors include 2 numbers of T5 HO fluorescent tubes with perspex cover to protect tubes. High-quality aluminium alloy with stylish design and polished Aluminium Reflector. Dual switches. Units include optional riser legs* shown that sit on top of your Aquarium, plus hanging brackets to suspend light from ceiling.

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    BOYU CL-811 clip on Light

    Rs.1,600.00 Rs.1,230.00

    High efficiency,low energy consumption and strong light reflection.180 deree regulation to allow a wide light scope. nice pleasing appearance.


  • Sale! Frontier Digital Timer - AquaDunia

    Frontier Digital Timer

    Rs.1,250.00 Rs.840.00

    IMG_20150209_163038Frontier Digital timer is mainly used for Planted aquarium to periodically switched on and off lights or co2 system. It is programmable device that can be set daily or weekly times. The programmed events are then repeated during the next periods accordingly. It has 8 on/Off program per day. having LED power indicator. with lithium battery for memory backup.

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    GLO T8/T10/T12 Electronic Fluor. Lighting System – 2 x 20 W

    Rs.4,300.00 Rs.3,950.00

    The GLO T8, 20 W Double-Bulb Electronic Ballast Fluorescent Lighting System provides flexible lighting solutions for aquarium cabinets, multiple aquarium setups on store racking, shop set-ups and custom installations.

    This convenient, practical, well-equipped, aesthetically-designed lighting system includes everything you need to make your installation simple and adaptable to most applications

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    RS Electrical RS – 307 PL Aquarium Top Lights

    Rs.990.00 Rs.750.00

    Flexible For Different sides of Aquariums,Attractive design,Quick and Easy Instalation,Can be mounted on any mini Aquariums vortically.

    • Easy maintenance and cleaning
    • Low power consumption with high power output
    • Flexible to allow the light intensity and angle to be changed

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    Rs.14,250.00 Rs.13,100.00

    A Quality Product from HAGEN

    Fluval T5 HO Double Fluorescent Lighting System delivers powerful and efficient light output. It is aesthetically enhanced with aluminum accent panels and includes adjustable blue LEDs for night viewing. The lighting includes highly effective, water-resistant, compression-fit bulb end caps that support long life and superior performance. Its superior design and optimum light levels produce excellent results in all fresh and saltwater aquariums .


    • Double Linear Fluorescent Lighting System
    • Delivers superior performance and powerful light levels
    • Compact design – high light output
    • Features 2 deep blue night LEDs
    • Highly polished reflector for maximum light emission
    • For fresh and saltwater aquariums
    • Sleek, aesthetic design enhances aquarium
    • Water resistant compression-fit end caps support long life and superior performance
    • T5 HO electronic ballast
    • Extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths
    • For use with Fluval T5 HO (high output) aquarium bulbs (bulbs not included)
    • Length: 91 – 112 cm (36 – 44 in)
    • Required Bulbs: 2 x 39 W (85 cm/ 34 in)