Moss & Liverworts

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    ADA Moss Cotton is a special cotton thread to fix mosses on to driftwood or rocks. Made of a quality cotton material which allows a firm fixation of moss on various layout materials, it is naturally biodegradable after the moss has taken root to the driftwood or rocks. Its dark green colour matches surprisingly with that of Willow Moss. 200m roll.

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    Hygrophila pinnatifida Tissue culture pot – 2

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    Hygrophila pinnatifida does ok under moderate light, however, more intensive lighting helps it grow more compact. A compact growth habit can also be furthered by regularly removing the shoot tips. A good nutrient and CO2 supply is recommendable. This Hygrophila is apparently quite susceptible to a potassium deficiency, whose symptoms are small needleprick-like holes in the older leaves.
    The substrate seems to be quite unimportant. The plant forms a rather small, not very deep root system. When pulling the plant out of the ground you will see that the roots attach to sand or gravel grains.

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    marimo moss ball

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    Marimo is an aquatic plant that can live up to 200 years! With its unique shape and appealing appearance, it has gained popularity in aqua hobbist.Marimo can be placed in any container as a pet as well as an decorative item. The Nano size is so small that you can bring it around with you.