Plant Care

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    ADA Aqua Conditioners Rio Base 250ML

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    watch In the rivers of tropical rainforests, withered plant leaves accumulated in the riverbed emit various kinds of organic substances in its process of biodegradation. These organic matters work as an agent to prevent the harmful effect’ against the fish, and provide nutrients to the water plants by combining with ions within the waters. ADA RIO BASE contains those natural organic substances negating the harm of heavy metal ions contained in the tap water and helps to create idealistic water for the tropical fish aquariums. Protective colloid protects mucous membrane and gills of the fish, while vitamins and organic acid provides Vitality to the fish and makes more resistance against the disease.

  • ADA Brighty K (250ML)

    Rs.980.00 A constant supplement of Potassium, which in most cases is insufficient in the aquarium, is important to realize a balance of necessary nutrients for aquatic plants to grow. The other two of the three basic nutrients, Nitrogen and Phosphorous are often produced in abundance within a planted aquarium. Regular dosage of Brighty K at water changes, is also effective in neutralizing chlorine in tap water, which may cause toxication to aquarium fish.

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    ADA Clean Bottle

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    low price free levitra ADA Clean Bottle is a plastic bottle for soaking small glass items with Superge solution. For easy, convenient, effortless cleaning.

    enter You can make a proper cleaning solution easily by filling the water up to the level of the bottle shoulder and adding a capful of Superge.

    viagra online canada The bottle cap prevents the evaporation of the Superge solution, and the glass items can be kept in the solution for a long period.

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    ADA Do Aqua Be Fine – 200ml

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    follow site ADA Do Aqua Be Fine – 200ml

    enter site Tap water contains harmful residual chlorine and heavy metal. ADA Do Aqua Be Fine detoxifies harmful residual chlorine and heavy metals contained in tap water and produces fish friendly water close to nature. Recommended at water changes.  

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    ADA “be green” replenishes potassium and trace elements that tend to be depleted more than other essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.

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    ADA Iron Bottom (30 pcs) for Planted Aquarium

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    ADA Iron Bottom (30 pcs)

    ADA Iron Bottom Over time, the nutrients in your Nature Aquarium aquascape are used up by the plants. ADA Iron Bottom provides essential nutrients that can be absorbed by the plant directly through the roots of the plant. Iron Bottom is particularly good for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus species as these plants take the majority of nutrients needed through their roots. Use in conjunction with a liquid fertiliser system.

    Iron Bottom is a stick of nutrients that can be applied easily by inserting it to the substrate. It provides the perfect balance of nutrients and iron, and helps to avoid whitening of the plants.

    Iron Bottom is a stick of nutrients with balanced formula of trace elements and coated iron. It is recommended for the growth of Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne, which mainly absorb nutrients from the roots.
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    ADA Moss Cotton is a special cotton thread to fix mosses on to driftwood or rocks. Made of a quality cotton material which allows a firm fixation of moss on various layout materials, it is naturally biodegradable after the moss has taken root to the driftwood or rocks. Its dark green colour matches surprisingly with that of Willow Moss. 200m roll.

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    ADA Multi Bottom (30 pcs)

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    ADA Multi Bottom (30 pcs)

    ADA Multi Bottom Nutrient coated sticks with a balanced formula of trace elements vital for aquatic plants. Multi Bottom dissolves slowly and contains various trace elements such as iron, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum, and boron. Multi Bottom gently and constantly supplies necessary nutrients which tend to be insufficient, especially when the plants are mature and densely grown. Long type is for layouts with larger plants or thick substrate.

    Excellent for sustaining healthy long-term growth of plants species such as Echinodorus, Cryptocoryne, and Blyxa that derive more nutrition from the substrate. Use Multi Bottom “Long” with larger plants and aquariums with deeper substrates.

    Multi Bottom is a stick of nutrients with balanced formula of trace elements, which are vital for aquatic plant growth. To keep an aquascape for a long time, insert Multi Bottom in the substrate as a nutrient supplement.