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    viagra generico 25 mg prezzo a Verona ADA Aqua Soil is the original Nature Aquarium substrate, and is used by famous aquascaper Takashi amano in his Nature Aquarium Layouts. 

    ADA also offer each variety in a Powder Type which has additional benefits:
     Ideal for nano/small aquariums as it creates a greater sense of scale ideal for carpeting plants
    Completely new substrate made from specially processed natural material from the earth.Colloid particles capture dirt floating in the water, without any chemical treatment.Gives clarity to the water and creates conditions ideal for healthy growth of aquatic plants.Helps to lower the hardness level of the water.Helps to bring the pH level of the water down to an ideal level for most of the aquatic plants.Composed of granules of size and density ideal for the fast development of healthy plant root systems, rather conventional substrates such as sand.Granules maintain their shape for a long period in water, holding air between them, which is vital for the long time maintenance of a planted aquarium.Used with Power Sand stimulates the fast colonization of bacteria in the substrate and creates perfect conditions for plant root systems.Most desirable pH level for most aquatic plants(ph 5.5 – 6.5) to develop their root systems.Available in 3 types to suit your aquarium layout.

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    ADA Aqua conditioner Vitamix – 250 ML

    Rs.1,140.00 Rs.950.00 ADA Aqua conditioner Vitamix is a supplement with various vitamins keeping the fish’s health condition. It also relieves the stress the fish feel right after being released in the aquarium tank.

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    follow link ADA Clear Super NATURE AQUARIUM GOODS is a substrate additive made from activated carbon and organic acid. Clear Super helps the growth of microorganisms. By sprinkling on the base substrate, it promotes the growth of microorganisms in the substrate, and stabilizes the environment.

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    see url ADA “be green” replenishes potassium and trace elements that tend to be depleted more than other essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.

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    ADA Iron Bottom (30 pcs) for Planted Aquarium

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    canadian pharmacy discount ADA Iron Bottom (30 pcs) ADA Iron Bottom Over time, the nutrients in your Nature Aquarium aquascape are used up by the plants. ADA Iron Bottom provides essential nutrients that can be absorbed by the plant directly through the roots of the plant. Iron Bottom is particularly good for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus species as these plants take the majority of nutrients needed through their roots. Use in conjunction with a liquid fertiliser system.

    get link Iron Bottom is a stick of nutrients that can be applied easily by inserting it to the substrate. It provides the perfect balance of nutrients and iron, and helps to avoid whitening of the plants.

    Iron Bottom is a stick of nutrients with balanced formula of trace elements and coated iron. It is recommended for the growth of Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne, which mainly absorb nutrients from the roots.
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    ADA Power Sand Special M – 6L

    Rs.4,180.00 Rs.3,940.00

    A Product from Takashi Amano

    ADA Power Sand Special is the base substrate material with additional organic nutrients. Bacter 100 and Clear Super are blended for promoting the growth of bacteria. It is excellent for the plants actively absorbing nutrients from the roots, such as Cryptocoryne and easy to maintain for a long time. Please select right size, S, M, L according to the depth of tank.

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    ADA Super 4

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    ADA Super - AquaDuniaADA ADA super 4 is substrate additive mix, contains Bacter 100, Tourmaline BC, Clear Super, Penac W. Use Super 4 at the very bottam of the tank even before adding soil, sand or substrate.

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    Alternanthera reineckii – pot

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    The purple colour underneath leaves of Alternanthera reineckii ‘Pink’ from South America provides an effective contrast to the many green plants in an aquarium – particularly when planted in groups. Stems becomes 25-50 cm tall. Good light encourages the leaves to turn red. Easy to propagate by nipping off the terminal bud and planting it in the substrate. This also makes the mother plant more bushy, because more side shoots are formed.