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    ADA Amazonia Light powder type 3L

    Rs.1,800.00 Rs.1,350.00

    Amazonia is substrate material, rich in organic acid and nutrients, promoting the growth of aquatic plant roots. By combining with Power Sand, it becomes the ideal substrate for plants. Powder type is used for small size aquarium or for spreading lightly over the normal type Amazonia.

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    ADA Aqua Soil Africana (9 Litre)

    Rs.2,540.00 Rs.2,050.00

    ADA Aqua Soil is the original Nature Aquarium substrate, Red-brown colour of the African rain forest, which can provide a stunning contrast against the green plants.

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    ADA Aqua Soil Malaya (Normal) 9L

    Rs.2,350.00 Rs.2,050.00

    A high pH level (alkaline) of the substrate causes difficulties for aquatic plants in consuming nutrients. The Aqua Soil Series decreases the hardness of the water and lowers the PH level to the degree at which most aquatic plants can consume nutrients and comfortably grow. Aqua Soil granules maintain their shape and density for long periods underwater securing good circulation of water and oxygen through the substrate. With Aqua Soil, growing difficult plants such as Tonina sp. becomes easier, and it is ideal for fishes demanding soft water.

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    ADA Do Aqua Be Fine – 200ml

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    ADA Do Aqua Be Fine – 200ml

    Tap water contains harmful residual chlorine and heavy metal. ADA Do Aqua Be Fine detoxifies harmful residual chlorine and heavy metals contained in tap water and produces fish friendly water close to nature. Recommended at water changes.


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    ADA “be green” replenishes potassium and trace elements that tend to be depleted more than other essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.

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    ADA FILTER MEDIA BIO-RIO is the basic of biological filtration. With live bacteria on Bio Rio, Biological filtration starts quickly after the initial setup. Mainly made of pumice stone with a porous surface, which is ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to colonize. It also enables long, stable filtration.

    The nitrifying process of bacteria is the most important phase in Nature Aquarium filtration systems. In this process, toxic ammonia or nitrous acid are decomposed and become harmless. Bio Rio, composed of volcanic stones, provides the ideal home for a long term and stable colonization of bacteria and maintains the conditions of aquarium water.

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    ADA Iron Bottom (30 pcs) for Planted Aquarium

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    ADA Iron Bottom (30 pcs)

    ADA Iron Bottom Over time, the nutrients in your Nature Aquarium aquascape are used up by the plants. ADA Iron Bottom provides essential nutrients that can be absorbed by the plant directly through the roots of the plant. Iron Bottom is particularly good for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus species as these plants take the majority of nutrients needed through their roots. Use in conjunction with a liquid fertiliser system.

    Iron Bottom is a stick of nutrients that can be applied easily by inserting it to the substrate. It provides the perfect balance of nutrients and iron, and helps to avoid whitening of the plants.

    Iron Bottom is a stick of nutrients with balanced formula of trace elements and coated iron. It is recommended for the growth of Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne, which mainly absorb nutrients from the roots.
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    ADA Super 4

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    ADA Super - AquaDuniaADA ADA super 4 is substrate additive mix, contains Bacter 100, Tourmaline BC, Clear Super, Penac W. Use Super 4 at the very bottam of the tank even before adding soil, sand or substrate.