co2 equipment

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    ADA Clean Bottle

    Rs.925.00 Rs.850.00

    ADA Clean Bottle is a plastic bottle for soaking small glass items with Superge solution. For easy, convenient, effortless cleaning.

    You can make a proper cleaning solution easily by filling the water up to the level of the bottle shoulder and adding a capful of Superge.

    The bottle cap prevents the evaporation of the Superge solution, and the glass items can be kept in the solution for a long period.

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    ADA Superge

    Rs.680.00 Rs.600.00

    ADA Superge (To restore the high-clarity of ADA glassware) Detergent solely designed for ADA glassware maintenance. It contains refined sodium chlorate, cleaning and rinsing is easy and quick. Dilute with water for ordinary maintenance. When faster results are desired, put a small amount of undiluted Superge on dirty spots of glassware. (Pay extra attention for rinsing when undiluted liquid is used.).

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    Aqua B Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator

    Rs.2,800.00 Rs.2,200.00 Dual display CO2 regulator helps to show pressure inside and outside the cylinder Compact & sturdy construction
    come acquistare cialis senza ricetta medica Industrial-grade precision needle valve
    go site Works with any type of diffuser like nano, up inline and bazooka atomizers
    acquistare viagra generico 100 mg a Bologna Compatible with various size of CO2 cylinders (from 12 ounces to 20- pounds). For example, pub CO2 bottles, fire extinguishers
    free cialis overnight delivery Compatible with our soda stream adapter Carbon dioxide is introduced into the planted aquarium ecosystem though the use of a CO2 regulator

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    Aquazonic Super Bright T5 Lights 24 inches

    Rs.5,100.00 Rs.4,150.00

    AQUA ZONIC Super Bright T5 HO Lighting has high Output T5 reflectors include 2 numbers of T5 HO fluorescent tubes with perspex cover to protect tubes. High-quality aluminium alloy with stylish design and polished Aluminium Reflector. Dual switches. Units include optional riser legs* shown that sit on top of your Aquarium, plus hanging brackets to suspend light from ceiling.

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    Bio Balls small 25 no (filter media)

    Rs.400.00 Rs.330.00

    Bio Balls are used for biological filtration. The main advantage of bio balls over other biological media is that the surfaces are impossible to clog up (when used with a prefilter) compared to the micropores of porus ceremic material.

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    Bio Ceramic Rings (500 Gm) filter media

    Rs.250.00 Rs.160.00

    Bio Ceramic Rings are a convenient ready-to-use nylon mesh filter bag filled with Ceramic Rings. Surface area and pores sized to accommodate bacteria necessary for biological balance and to remove toxic Ammonia and Nitrite.

    • Convenient ready-to-use nylon mesh filter bag
      Helps remove toxic Ammonia and Nitrite
    • Surface area and pores sized to accommodate bacteria necessary for biological balance
      The Cascade Bio Ceramic Rings produce crystal clear water and is perfect for use in any canister filter.

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    Eheim External Professional 3 E Up to 700 Ltrs

    Rs.38,800.00 Rs.35,800.00

    levitra canadian The first intelligent external filter
    EHEIM professionel 3e electronic – the first aquarium filter in the world with electronic control. A lot of features, permanent monitoring, easy to regulate – also via PC.

    With the EHEIM professionel 3e you have everything under control – at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse.
    Using only 3 buttons you have personal control over all the functions on the professionel 3e such as water throughflow, variable flow rate and so on. The electronics remember your personal settings and make the required adjustments. Thus you have the benefit of permanent system monitoring. It is even easier from a PC. With EHEIM Interface and the EHEIM ControlCenter Software you can control, monitor and update everything even more easily.
    There are 4 models for aquariums up to 350, 450 and 700 litres as well as the thermofilter (600T) up to 600 litres.

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    Exo Terra Turtle Cliff Filter & Rock Med.

    Rs.3,980.00 Rs.3,710.00

    The Exo Terra Turtle Cliff Aquatic Terrarium Filter and Rock is a captivatingly beautiful addition to your turtle’s terrarium. It is multi-purpose and can be used as a lovely waterfall, basking area, and filter all at once. Uniquely designed for a natural rock texture and color, the Exo Terra Turtle Cliff Aquatic Terrarium and Rock has a state-of-the-art filtration system that promotes water circulation and aeration, plus it makes your pet’s aquatic terrarium evolve into the perfect habitat. Turtles and other semi-aquatic terrarium animals will love their own personal basking or terrestrial area.
    The Exo Terra Cliff Aquatic Terrarium Filter and Rock has a hidden filter that pump crystal clear, healthy water your pet needs to be happy and thriving.