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    Anubia Nana Gold

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    watch Anubias nana gold has light green to golden leaves (yellowish color). This color will not disappear over time as the plant ages. The Anubias nana gold has a reputation of growing slower than the Anubias nana; expect one new leaf a month in low to moderate lighting.

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    BACOPA MONNIERA Aquarium Plant

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    click Bacopa monnieri, also known as ‘moneywort’ among aquarists and ‘brahmi’ among herbalists, is quite widespread throughout the tropics where it can be found growing along the banks of lakes, rivers, and pools. The plants usually grow as emersed, creeping stems during the dry seasonï during which they tend to produce pinkish flowers at the leaf nodes.

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    informazioni viagra generico 50 mg a Torino LUDWIGIA ARCUATALudwigia arcuata is a mainstay aquascaping plant that is highly versatile in a layout. It often looks best in the midground, grouped in a dense stem cluster of 5-7 stems. It responds very well to trimming, and can be manicured to form round hedges and bushes.

    cheap prednisone without prescription The bright red and oranges contrast very well with dark background plants and a green foreground.

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    Lysimachia nummularia

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    see Lysimachia nummularia is a moderately fast grower, is one of the most undemanding stem plants to grow. It can tolerate soft or hard water, pH in the 6.0-8.0 range, and temps from 15-25 C. Although this plant grows well in non-CO2, moderately lit aquaria, it prefers high light and CO2 addition along with plenty of NO3 and trace fertilization.

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    marimo moss ball

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    where to purchase sildenafil Marimo is an aquatic plant that can live up to 200 years! With its unique shape and appealing appearance, it has gained popularity in aqua hobbist.Marimo can be placed in any container as a pet as well as an decorative item. The Nano size is so small that you can bring it around with you.

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    Rotala rotundifolia Hi red

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    Rotala rotundifolia is an easy red plant to grow in the aquarium. While it will grow in medium light, this plant really needs high light to show its true colors. When lit well, the plant will grow at an angle over the substrate instead of straight up.