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    Bio Balls small 25 no (filter media)

    Rs.400.00 Rs.330.00

    source site Bio Balls are used for biological filtration. The main advantage of bio balls over other biological media is that the surfaces are impossible to clog up (when used with a prefilter) compared to the micropores of porus ceremic material.

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    Bio Ceramic Rings (500 Gm) filter media

    Rs.250.00 Rs.160.00 Bio Ceramic Rings are a convenient ready-to-use nylon mesh filter bag filled with Ceramic Rings. Surface area and pores sized to accommodate bacteria necessary for biological balance and to remove toxic Ammonia and Nitrite.

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    • Convenient ready-to-use nylon mesh filter bag
      Helps remove toxic Ammonia and Nitrite
    • Surface area and pores sized to accommodate bacteria necessary for biological balance
      The Cascade Bio Ceramic Rings produce crystal clear water and is perfect for use in any canister filter.

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    EHEIM professionel 3 (For aquariums up to 1200 L)

    Rs.45,800.00 Rs.37,900.00

    click here enter site For aquariums up to 1,200 L With EHEIM professionel 3 we offer the crowning achievement of filter technology.
    Whether you choose the “smaller” or the large XL-filter – you won’t find a better filter anywhere. EHEIM professionel 3 stands for high quality, high performance, exemplary energy efficiency, wonderfully quiet running and full conveniences, Automatic self-priming, large prefilter and safety hose adapter are just some of the benefits.
    The large XL filter up to 1200 litres.

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    Elite Jet Flo 100 Filter – 2 years warranty

    Rs.1,350.00 Rs.1,090.00
    The Elite Jet Flo 100 underwater filter is a quiet and efficient filtration system. Designed to accommodate an aquarium between 75-100L its maximum flow rate is 480L per hour. The Jet Flo filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration resulting in crystal clear aquarium water. The Jet Flo filter comes equipped with a 90 degree output diverter and a Venturi system for additional aeration as desired. The Jet Flo 100 filter is supplied as standard with the Elite Style 95 Aquarium and is available to buy as a spare part for this set.

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    Rs.6,500.00 Rs.5,750.00

    go to link Engineered to create superior water quality, the Fluval C4 Power Filter provides extensive 5-stage filtration–two mechanical, one chemical and two biological stages–for outstanding results.
    The Power Filter is designed to provide maximum surface area and optimum dwell times in all stages of the filtration process.
    Rigorous 2-stage mechanical filtration is performed by a thick layer of poly/foam that effectively traps large and fine debris. The foam slides out easily for quick cleaning. Activated carbon, located in an easily-manageable and removable basket, performs thorough chemical filtration and effectively removes toxins.
    In the final two stages, a Bio-Screen pad provides massive biological surface area for friendly bacteria to colonize, plus it blocks debris from entering a trickle chamber filled with C-Nodes that are super-charged for fast and efficient nitrification. The result is clean, clear and healthy water for aquarium life to thrive in.

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    fluval Floating Thermometer with suctioncup – C&F

    Rs.260.00 Rs.190.00 With water temperature being such a critical factor for the well-being of fish, it’s important to have a good thermometer. This Marina Floating Thermometer is designed to float in the water in a vertical position. It comes with a suction cup for optional installation on your aquarium glass. Accurate and easy to read, it provides temperature readings in Centigrade and Fahrenheit. It also has a safety zone temperature range indicator for most tropical fish. For fresh or saltwater aquariums.

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    Fluval FX6 External Hi-Performance FILTER

    Rs.25,500.00 Rs.23,860.00 Fluval FX6 also features Smart Pump Technology, which provides optimal filter performance. This advanced technological feature employs an electronic circuit board that continually monitors the pump. Impeller speed and force are constantly measured to ensure powerful output and energy efficiency. It also manages the filter’s self-starting feature and evacuates air that may enter or build up within the filtration system. On a 12-hour cycle, the pump will pause and allow trapped air to escape, ensuring the best filtration efficiency at all times.

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    Fluval Heater E100 Watt – 5 Years warrenty

    Rs.4,500.00 Rs.3,850.00

    see The most technologically advanced aquarium heater available today, Fluval E100 Advanced Electronic Heater, with VueTech technology, delivers peace of mind thanks to several excellent features.
    Equipped with an intelligent digital microprocessor monitoring system, with dual temperature sensors, this 100-watt heater continuously monitors and displays aquarium water temperature, ensuring the safety and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants.