H C cuba
H C cuba

Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba

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Product Description H C cubaHemianthus callitrichoides is one of the smallest aquarium plants in the world, and creeps over the bottom with millimetre-sized round leaves. If planted in small clumps a few centimetres apart, it will spread rapidly and cover the bottom like a carpet. Hemianthus callitrichoides is an attractive foreground plant for small aquariums. Found on Cuba west of Havana. Cuba is one of the smallest aquarium plants in the world, with leaves that are only around a millimetre in size. It grows up to three centimetres tall and spreads up to 10 centimetres horizontally. The small sized leaves make it a perfect plant for nano aquariums or for any layout in which a great sense of scale is desired: the small leaves create a vast sense of space within the aquarium, particularly if small fish and shrimp are used. can i get high from levitra Plant info

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